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Founded in November 2007, is a loose organization of homebrewers in and around the Charlottesville, Virginia area. The Club's objectives are to increase the enjoyment of homebrewing through friendship and the exchange of information and beer. We also strive to support local brewpubs and brewing industry. Club members have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and questions during the Club's monthly meetings, held the second Tuesday of every month. The Club also provides an online forum for users to discuss homebrewing-related topics, offer feedback on beer, and help motivate other members to "brew strong."

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings, where they’ll find lively presentations on beer and brewing, great conversation, and answers to any brewing questions they might have. We like to meet and drink beer. Each meeting emphasizes a different aspect of beer or brewing, including local professional brewers as guest speakers. The schedule of meetings and topics can be found on the Calendar page. At meetings, you'll get updates on upcoming events, tips on brewing, discussions of beer styles and answers to any brewing questions you might have. Club members include individuals with a range of homebrewing expertise and interest levels, ranging from people new to the hobby to all-grain brewers with more than 15 years experience. Regardless of your experiences with homebrewing, if you live near Charlottesville, give us a try. You will be glad you did.

Of course, we encourage all homebrew club members [and visitors to our meetings] to exercise self control and to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

More information is available through this website or by contacting us here.

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